Birding/Wildlife Photography

Are you a bird enthusiast or a wild life photographer?

Your guide is a certified nature guide and conservationist photographer. He is a true islander that was born on the island. He knows all the places to go and will help you spot and identify your sighting. The island is known for two endemics bird species the Cozumel Viree and the Cozumel Emerald. Apart from the endemic birds, other migratory species can be spotted during the birding tour. There are over 260 species waiting to be spotted. Many of the aquatic birds are migratory. The best time of the year is November to April. We ask you to put together a wish list to see so we can better accommodate you. Here are a few you may consider Golden warbler, blue-gray gnatchatcher, Yucatan woodpecker, bananaquit, yellow-faced grassquit, Yucatan vireo, roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, Jacana, Belted Kingfischer, yellow wabler, osprey and many others.

Birding/wildlife photography


1 or 2 persons
$ 190

Your  Birding/Wildlife Photography Tour package includes:

  •  Professional guide
  • Transportation
  • Binoculars (please let us know when booking)
  • Water

Departure: 7:00 am

Duration: 5 Hours

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