Jeep and ATV Combo Adventure

Avoid the crowds and do something different and unique.

Off the beaten Path…ATV tour is different from all the others. This destination is only provided to a few privileged companies…Jeeps will be the main transportation until we get to the ATV ranch where the off-roading begins. There we will Explore Cozumel’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. You can expect to ride on designated trails or paths that are suitable for ATV’s. The Adventure includes stops at points of interest, Caves ,Mayan ruins and scenic viewpoints that many have never been exposed to.

After ATV ride, lunch will be served and this will give you time to relax in the pool.

Avoid the crowds and do something different and unique

Along the way, your guide will lead you through different parts of the jungle, pointing out interesting, landmarks, animals, caves and Mayan ruins. An outdoor lunch is prepared over an open fire like the Mayan did many years ago. There is a pool available where you can enjoy a drink and time to relax before we head back.

We will introduce you to one of the Famous Stops on the eastside of the island. The place is called Welcome to Miami. They are known for their amazing Mojitos. Sipping a drink under the palapa in a hammock is the perfect way to end a great day.

Whale Shark Tours

Whale Shark Tours In Isla Mujueres – Don’t miss your chance this year!

From June 1st to Mid -September

# 1 RATED TOUR in the Mexican Riviera.  Whale Shark Tours are only available four months out of the year.  Do not miss your chance this year….. The Whale Shark is the world´s largest fish species. This species feed by filtering plankton, tiny fish and crustaceans and squid. So, this makes these gentle giants safe to snorkel with. Our tour takes place in the Caribbean Sea by Isla Mujeres. We pick this area because the visibility is much clearer than the Gulf of Mexico. Come enjoy the day with us in the crystal clean water and snorkel with the large fish species.

Harley Davidson Tour through Yucatan

We are the only motorcycle tour with Harley Davidson in all of Mexico. Every Saturday, your journey will begin in Cancun, and from there we will take a 6-day 7-night 550-mile trip around the Yucatan. We will be riding through the jungle of the Mayan Rivera to the Northern shores of the Yucatan. Each day we will be staying at a different location from the exotic resort in Playa Del Carmen to the more rustic hotels in Merida. We want to experience the real Mexico so “riding” is not the only thing we do. Each destination has its own unique trek from the pyramids of Chichen Itza to the pristine beaches of Playa Del Carmen. By taking this journey with us, we want you to enjoy everything Mexico has to offer.

Pirate Ship Dinner Cruise and Show

Argggg….welcome aboard pirates

Enjoy a fantastic night aboard Cozumel’s 17th – century Spanish galleon replica. We have been entertaining for more than 15 yrs. Be entertained by the pirate stories, sword fights, games, & dancing. Dinner is served at sunset while cruising the shoreline of the Caribbean

Lighthouse Polaris 1000 RZR Tour

See the now remote Northern tip of the island ….

The Punta Molas Lighthouse. The furthest Point of the island rarely visited. “A tour with a purpose”. This excursion takes you along the jungle/ocean road where we will encounter every terrain Cozumel has to offer, including vegetation, rocky coral, virgin white sand beaches. Learn about the ruins with a bilingual guide and visit a recently discovered cenote. Our tour participated in a trash pick up to help maintain it’s beauty. It is a short 10 min session. We Visit the lighthouse and relax to a grilled lunch at the base of the lighthouse along the ocean shore.

Birding/Wildlife Photography

Are you a bird enthusiast or a wild life photographer?

Your guide is a certified nature guide and conservationist photographer. He is a true islander that was born on the island. He knows all the places to go and will help you spot and identify your sighting. The island is known for two endemics bird species the Cozumel Viree and the Cozumel Emerald. Apart from the endemic birds, other migratory species can be spotted during the birding tour. There are over 260 species waiting to be spotted. Many of the aquatic birds are migratory. The best time of the year is November to April. We ask you to put together a wish list to see so we can better accommodate you. Here are a few you may consider Golden warbler, blue-gray gnatchatcher, Yucatan woodpecker, bananaquit, yellow-faced grassquit, Yucatan vireo, roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, Jacana, Belted Kingfischer, yellow wabler, osprey and many others.

10 Regions of Mexico Gastronomic Food Tour 

This will be a gastronomic tour through 10 regions of Mexico, enjoying some of the most representative dishes in a ten-course dinner.

Each plate has been carefully paired with a cocktail, wine, or beer, to match its particular flavors. Should you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, we offer a variety of refreshing fruit drinks, also selected to go with each course perfectly.

Chef Alejandro Torres offers unique recipes containing the flavors common to the ten different regions of Mexico we will explore. These customized presentations will make your five senses explode. Come discover Mexico with us and enjoy the sensation of the regional dining experiences.

To help you immerse into the lushness and beauty of this country while you taste its flavors, we include an audiovisual accompaniment to your dinner, with fantastic images and Mexican music and a bit of information of the 10 different regions that your palate will be visiting.

Buen Provecho !!

Private/Customized Jeep Tour

Leave the routine tours behind and enjoy the day at your speed. Enjoy the company of your group…


You deserve the personalized service you will get with our professional guides. You put a wish list together and we will customize the Tour to your liking. If you are not sure, we have many options you can choose from (see includes tab)

The standard tour is Tequila Tasting, Trip around the Island, Snorkeling and enjoy a delicious oceanside lunch. Check under the includes tab and there is a list of other adventures you can add.

Discover Scuba

Have you wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater?

This program is designed for the person with no prior experience. In this short course our Profession Dive Instructor will show you some simple skills and the proper use of the equipment. The Cozumel Discover Scuba course is perfect for those who curious about Scuba Diving. After a short instruction we will continue to the water where the real Adventure begins.

Traditional Mexican Cooking Class

Welcome…Let’s Learn, Eat and be Happy

The Tour begins at the local market “ El Mercado” You will learn how to pick the freshest fruits and vegetables and how to select the best quality meat for our dishes. The market is filled with Traditional Mexican Ingredients. We encourage you to ask questions if you see items, you’re not familiar with. The next destination is an Authentic Mexican Tortilla Factory where you will view the tortilla-making process. Then we make the journey to a Tradition Mexican Home where the magic begins…The Kitchen.

The chef will teach you how to make a proper Traditional Adult Beverage, Mexican Appetizers, and a couple of Main Dishes. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to create your traditional dishes. This learning experience will enable you to enjoy Traditional Mexican recipes in your own home.