Learn a Little About Us

“Blessed to have these experienced Professionals”- Deanna

Hola, my name is Deanna Campbell. I am the owner/operator of Two D’s Diving and Tour Adventures. I come from Beaverton a suburb of Portland, Oregon. There I was a Wholesale Representative for a major Mortgage company for 12 years. While working as a Wholesale Representative, I was fortunate enough to be sent to Mexico on vacations provided by my company; this sparked my love for the Mexican culture. After my daughters grew up and left the house to start their own lives I felt it was time for me to live my dream. That dream was traveling, so this is what I did. I sold my possessions, purchased a backpack and started my journey.

I started my journey in Cozumel, Mexico and continued to travel around the Yucatan Peninsula meeting a lot of kind and interesting friends along the way. My journey was a little challenging since I did not know much about the lay of land, nor did I know Spanish. It didn’t take long for my love of Mexico’s culture to solidify. After I toured the Yucatan Peninsula, I decided to make Cozumel my new home.

In the past years I have met a lot of quality people with many years of experience on the ocean. I wanted to open a dive and tour company to boost local economy and give experienced hardworking mariners an opportunity for employment.

The Dive Masters and Captains that I have on staff have lived on the island for over 20 years and each of them have over 20 years experience above and below the water. I too have my certifications from open water, advanced open water, search and rescue and CPR. However, that is nothing compared to all the experience the Dive Masters and Captains bring to Two D’s Diving and Tour Adventures.